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UP OTS Scheme: Last date of this scheme is 31st December, know how you can apply for the scheme

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You people know that the Central Government and the State Government keep providing new schemes to their citizens for their convenience. One of them is the State Government scheme which was launched long ago in Uttar Pradesh and in the same year You want to give an information to the people about this that any person who has not been able to pay his electricity bill can make the payment under this scheme till 31st December, only then you will get this facility and it is also told that Electricity consumers whose payments are still pending have been helped in making their payments by providing special discounts. Let us explain this in detail.

What is UP One Time Settlement Scheme (OTS)

In a way, this scheme has been run for the consumers and the electricity department, in a way, Lump Sum Settlement Scheme OTS, in which both the people will benefit in this scheme, because here the advantage is given that all the consumers who have to pay the lump sum amount can make the payment. And they will also be provided with that payment related relaxation and if seen, this facility was started long ago and under that many people have availed the benefit of this facility and have also made the payment.

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Uttar Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme

How many people have received benefits under OTS

This scheme of Uttar Pradesh has started proving to be very beneficial for the people, because along with the consumers, the electricity department has also started benefiting from it. Because the revenue has been collected by the electricity department under this scheme. Let us discuss it in detail. This scheme has been started from 8th November and is running till now, its last date is 31st December, in this the electricity department has collected a revenue of Rs 3900 crores. 33.5 lakh people have received benefits under this scheme and if we talk about consumers, they have received benefits of around Rs 1500 crore. Yogi government has started this scheme so that the dues related to electricity in Uttar Pradesh can be received and it is also being told that only one week is left for the end of this scheme, which means till 31st December 2023, your There is a chance for you to take advantage of this scheme and pay your outstanding bills.

Benefits of Lump Sum Settlement Scheme

A free solution scheme also has its own benefits because it is mentioned here that not only the consumers will get benefit from it but also the electricity department will also get benefit because through this, many registered consumers have started getting the payments and along with that the electricity department will also get the benefit. There will also be a reduction in theft.

  • Lakhs of people will benefit from paying their bills together and getting rebate from the electricity department.
  • Under this scheme, the outstanding bills will be paid which will increase the revenue. This has proved very beneficial in one month.
  • After this scheme, Yogi government has seen an increase in the revenue of the electricity department.

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Family Welfare Card Uttar Pradesh

Lump Sum Settlement Scheme Objective

  • Under this scheme, the economic condition of the farmers will be improved and their irrigation related difficulties can be removed.
  • Under this scheme, farmers will be encouraged to repay the loan.
  • Under this scheme, farmers will have to deposit a lump sum amount only then they will get exemption under it.
  • And under this scheme, common people will also get benefit, they can easily pay their electricity related loan by taking advantage of special discount.

How to get the benefits of this scheme now

If you want to take advantage of this scheme, then you can talk to the Electricity Department of Uttar Pradesh and take advantage of a special discount by paying your remaining bill together and now you can avail this benefit only till 31st December 2023. Because now you have only one week left in which you can easily avail the benefits of this scheme, after that you will not be given any relaxation in payment.

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Uttar Pradesh Matribhoomi Yojana

One Time Settlement Scheme Application

Under this scheme you can apply both online and offline. Consumers can register themselves through official website They can do it themselves through which all the information related to discount will be displayed online. Apart from this, consumers can also register by visiting any departmental section/sub-division office or any departmental cash counter and get information related to discount. At the time of registration itself, the consumer can pay his remaining bill by choosing the option of paying it in lump sum or in installments. Any person can apply as per his convenience and pay his remaining bill.

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Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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