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synonym of cloud

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Clouds are natural ornaments that decorate our sky. They provide us entertainment and attraction with colorful sounds and different patterns of colors while moving in the sky. While roaming in the sky, along with their forms, they also call us by different names. In this article, we will discuss the synonyms of cloud, which make this natural form even more beautiful and reveal their diversity.

What are synonyms?

Synonyms are words that are similar in meaning or refer to the same topic, but can be used to express a phrase in different ways. These words are a group of meaningful similar words which make the language beautiful, diverse, and rich. Their use facilitates writers and speakers to express their ideas and expand the language.

synonyms from b

  • Cloud – Payodhar, Megh, Jaladhar, Balahak, Ambud, Varid, Payod, Nirad, Ghan, Jalad, Varivaah
  • barren – barren, infertile, barren
  • Bakhil – Miser, flysucker, miser, khasis, soom, matsar
  • Monkey – Monkey, Markat, Monkey, Kapis, Branch Deer
  • Tiger – Tygra, Shardul, Chitrak, Vyala
  • girl , Gauri, girl, daughter, virgin, teenager
  • Brahmin , Vipra, Dwija, Bhusur, Bhudev, Baban
  • universe – world, world, universe, world, world
  • Brahma , Self-made, Grandfather, World, Creator
  • Garden – Garden, park, garden, grove
  • Childhood – childhood, boyhood, infancy, childhood
  • Spring – Rituraj, Ritupati, Madhumas, Kusumakar
  • Boy – Sut, Vats, Launda, Lal, Son, Child, Putra, Tanuj, Tanay, Suvan, Poot, Boy, Pisar, Nandan, Chhora, Chhokra, Kumar, Aulad, Auras, Aptya, Shishu, Kishore, Atmaj, Angaj
  • Son – son, boy, atmaj, sut, vats, tanuj, tanay, nandan, child
  • bankim – banka, oblique, curve, bunk, horizontal
  • Bajrangbali – Hanuman, Vayuputra, Kesarinandan, Pawanputra, Bajrangi, Mahavir
  • Very – many, very, very, many, brown, many, abundant, infinite, dominant, immense, immense, extremely, innumerable
  • arrow – Sir, Teer, Sayak, Vishikh, Ashug, Ishu, Shilimukh, Narach
  • Hair – Kach, Kesh, Chikur, Chool
  • Electricity – Chapala, Chanchala, Damini, Saudamani, Vidhut, Tadit, Bijuri, Kshanprabha

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definition of cloud

Cloud is a formation which is found in the atmosphere in the form of high vapor or smoke. These vapors are dissolved in cold or hot temperatures in high altitude regions arising due to local or generally atmospheric factors. These clouds can be of very simple, realistic, and strange shapes and can be found as a result of local or international atmospheric pressure.

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synonyms of badal

Some synonyms of cloud are – Jalad, Abhra, Megh, Dhar, Jaladhar, Varidhar etc. There are many synonyms of the same word in Hindi language. Some synonyms of the word Badal are given below for the readers.

  • opium
  • Varidhar
  • Neerdhar
  • cube
  • cloud
  • Baladhar
  • jimut
  • Warid
  • hold
  • Payodi
  • sarang
  • jimut
  • fast
  • Nerd
  • extrageny
  • marriage
  • water bearer
  • Payodhar
  • grounded
  • aquatic
  • Payod
  • world life
  • Ambud
  • cloudy
  • clouds
  • Ghanshyam
  • today
  • Ambudhar
  • cube series
  • Meghawali
  • Balahak
  • Kadambini
  • decrease
  • progeny
  • toydhar
  • Sky
  • the sky
  • sky
  • sky
  • Vyom

Use of “cloud” in sentences

Cloudthunderers high in the sky Cloud Reported the possibility of rain.
cloudcloudy sky on picnic day cloud Showed the possibility of snowfall coming with cold winds.
opiumThe sun's rays were not visible due to a thick cloud in the sky.
water bearerhigh in the sky during snowfall water bearer appear, which distract us.
fastcovered in sky fast Due to this the sun's rays could not be detected.
Varidharhigh in the sky during rain Varidhar These are visible, through which we come to know about the coming rain.
Baladharhigh in the sky Baladhar Due to this it became difficult to predict the weather conditions.
holdDue to the abundant convection of clouds, regular flow of airways is maintained.
air carrierhigh in the sky air carrier Due to this, multiple airways were being raised.
rain taxWith the arrival of clouds in our area rain tax Has started.

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