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Godhan Nyay Yojana Jharkhand 2023: Registration Form (Jharkhand Godhan Nyay Yojana)

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Jharkhand Godhan Nyay Yojana 2023, what is it, when did it start, benefits, beneficiary list, eligibility, Farmer, Bought cow dung, documents, Online Application, Official Website, Helpline Number, Latest News (Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand (Kya hey, Eligibility, Documents, Benefit, Official Website, Application form pdf, Helpline Number, Latest News)

Keeping the farmers in mind, many schemes have been launched in our country. This is so that the income of the farmers can increase and they can do better farming than before. Keeping this in mind, now the Jharkhand government has announced a new scheme named Godhan Vikas Yojana which has been launched. This scheme has been introduced in the financial budget 2022-23. Under which Jharkhand government will purchase cow dung from farmers at fair prices. After that biogas will be made from it, and work of making organic fertilizer will also be done.

Jharkhand Godhan Nyay Yojana 2023 (Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand in Hindi)

name of the schemeGodhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand
initiated by whomby Jharkhand government
when did it startMarch, 2022
ObjectiveIncrease in farmers' income
beneficiaryfarmers of the state
helpline numbernot released

What is Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand

Jharkhand government is running Godhan Nyaya Yojana to increase the income of farmers and cattle herders. Under which the government will purchase dung of milch animals from cattle farmers, manufacture organic fertilizer from it and sell it to farmers at a reasonable rate. This will double the income of farmers.

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Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand Objective

This scheme has been started by the government keeping in mind the increase in the income of farmers. Through this, the government will purchase cow dung from farmers and make biogas, and will also prepare organic fertilizer. This scheme is being started with this objective in mind.

Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand Benefits

  • This scheme has been started by the Jharkhand government, the benefits of which will be available to the farmers.
  • New employment opportunities will be provided under this scheme. The benefits of which will be available to unemployed youth.
  • Under this scheme, 40 thousand farmers will be linked to self-employment. Which will have a direct impact on their income.
  • The government has prepared a fixed budget for the scheme within which the work will be done.
  • For this, the government will join hands with the farmers and provide employment opportunities to many unemployed youth.
  • Under Jharkhand Cow Dung Scheme, the government will provide good price to the farmers for cow dung. Due to which their income will increase.

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Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand Eligibility

  • For this scheme, it is mandatory for you to be a native of Jharkhand. Only after that you will get eligibility in it.
  • Along with this, farmers and animal rearers of Jharkhand will get the benefit of this scheme.

Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand Documents

  • For this scheme you will need Aadhar card. Because through this your important information will be recorded.
  • Domicile certificate is also required so that the government is aware that you are a resident of Jharkhand.
  • Bank account details are also necessary so that the funds from the scheme are received directly into your account.
  • It is also necessary to attach a passport size photograph so that the applicant can be easily identified.
  • Mobile number will also be entered. So that the government can contact you for important information.

Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand Official Website (Official Website)

The government will soon release the official website for this scheme. By going there you will be able to easily make your application and will also be able to get the necessary information.

Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand Application

You will have to wait a little for the application of this scheme. Because the government has just announced this scheme. The website is yet to be released. But as soon as it is launched. It will also become easier for you to apply. Because through this you can sit anywhere and file the application, you just need to have the necessary information and documents.

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Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand Helpline Number

The government will also release a helpline number soon. So that people who do not have the knowledge of working online can join this scheme through phone and can apply easily. Along with this, whatever information they want to get related to this scheme, they can also do so.


Q: When was the Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand announced?

Ans: March 2022, during Jharkhand Budget 2022

Q: Who launched the Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand?

Ans: Finance Minister of Jharkhand.

Q: What is the objective of starting Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand?

Ans: To increase the income of farmers and to produce bio gas and organic fertilizer by using animal dung.

Q: Godhan Vikas Yojana for Jharkhand How can I apply?

Q: When will the applications for Godhan Vikas Yojana Jharkhand start?

Ans: You will soon get this information from the government.

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Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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