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FASTag KYC update:: Rules are going to change from 31st January, Fastag users should do this immediately

FASTag KYC update: by the government 5-6 a year ago in the country Fastag The system was launched. Under this, it was made mandatory for vehicles ranging from four wheelers to other big tires to have FAST tag right in front of their vehicle. Due to this, there was jam on toll tax., There has been a lot of relief from this and almost most of the vehicles in the country have now been fitted with fast tag.Recently, One Vehicle One Fast Tag has been launched by the National Authority of India and it has also been said that, Whoever is a Fastag user, them years 2024 In 31 till January Fastag That KYC must be completed. If this is not done by the user or the user is unable to do so, then their Fastag will be deactivated., Due to which toll tax Fastag Will not work and because of this you will have to pay double toll tax at the toll point.

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Information about this rule has been given by the National Highway Authority of India that, They Fastag A major change has been made in the rules related to. according to change 31 After the day of January has passed like this Fastag will be canceled, Those who have not got KYC done or whose KYC is not complete and in such a situation, if you enter the toll tax line and your Fastag doesn't work, So you will have to pay double the toll tax. such as if toll ₹120 belongs to and yours Fastag doesn't work, so you get total ₹240 Have to give. Let us give you information below that, how you Fastag Can be saved from being cancelled.

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This has been done by the National Highway Authority of India so that the arbitrary will of the vehicle owners can be curbed., Because many car owners choose the same car for their different vehicles. Fastag Whether used or different for the same vehicle Fastag Have taken. Last date of this rule 31 It has been fixed for January.

FASTag How to prevent deactivation

if you also Fastag Is a user and wants to keep it active, So it is necessary that, You must get his KYC done or update his KYC. Actually, this decision has been taken by the National Highway Authority of India following the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India. You have got your latest fastag., His KYC has to be done only. 31 If KYC is not completed by January, so old Fastag Will be deactivated.

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What is the problem and why was this decision taken?,

Why was this decision taken and due to which problem the decision was taken, You should know about this also. While purchasing a car, Fastag is now given along with all the cars., Jockey is installed on the front windshield of the vehicle by the bank. However, despite this, there are many people who purchase it through toll tax or through different online platforms. Fastag Buy it and get it installed on your car.

there are many people like this, which is more than one Fastag Used for only one vehicle. Therefore it is advised that, all bought latest Fastag That KYC must be done. When you get this done, whatever you did before Fastag must have bought, All of them will be automatically deactivated, that is, whatever you are currently using Fastag Will get KYC done, Only that will remain active, all the rest Fastag Will end.

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Work is being done for better efficiency

If we look at the statistics, in our country approximately 8 near crore users FASTag Is. This is such an electronic toll collection system, In which you do not have to stop for toll tax deduction. As soon as it hits your car FASTag The sticker comes into view of the Fastag scanner, Likewise, the toll is deducted automatically and after the toll gate opens, you proceed on your journey.

FASTag Works on Radio Frequency Identification Technology. It is installed by vehicle owners on the wind screen of their vehicle and as soon as the vehicle reaches the toll plaza, Similarly, the sensors installed at the toll plaza automatically scan it and automatically the toll tax is deducted and the tollgate gets opened. FASTag If the balance gets exhausted then it can be easily recharged online.

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Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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