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Bihar Vegetable Development Scheme 2023: Government is giving 75% subsidy (Bihar Sabji Vikas Yojana)

Bihar Vegetable Development Scheme 2023: Subsidy, Online Application, Registration Form pdf, Eligibility, Document, official website, Helpline number, latest News, status, Last date (Bihar Sabji Vikas Yojana,subsidy, Apply Online, Registration form pdf, Eligibility, Documents, Official Website, Helpline Number, Latest News, Status, Last Date,

Among the schemes, one more scheme has come before us, this scheme is related to some state. In the state where this scheme has been launched, no facility of any kind has been provided by the Central Government, rather its entire burden is on the state government, so we tell you that the state which has launched this scheme. The name of the scheme is Bihar State, Vegetable Development Scheme. Under this scheme, the state of Bihar has implemented such a scheme to provide facilities related to vegetable production to the farmers of its state. By the way, Bihar government has started many welfare schemes for the farmers of its state and the farmers are getting a lot of benefits from it and this scheme is also a scheme related to the farmers. Read more about this scheme in our article. Through this you will get a detailed description of how you can avail the benefits of this scheme.

Bihar Vegetable Development Plan 2023

name of the schemevegetable development scheme
In which state was it launchedBihar state
launch dateOctober, 2023
beneficiaryIt has been launched in some districts of Bihar, Patna, Magadha and Tirhut.
ObjectiveTo attract farmers of Bihar towards vegetable production

Sustainable Livelihood Scheme Bihar

Bihar What is vegetable development scheme?

Bihar government has launched Vegetable Development Scheme as another welfare scheme for its farmers, through which a lot of facilities will be provided to its farmer citizens. The state of Bihar will provide them to the farmer brothers to do vegetable related farming. This scheme has been started. So that they can leave traditional farming and move towards profitable farming so that their profits can increase and they can also develop themselves. And they can also try their best to improve their economic condition. In this scheme, all the farmers of Bihar state will be provided complete supply of vegetables. Facilities will be provided for growing.

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Bihar in vegetable development scheme Grant

Recently, a scheme which has been launched by the Bihar government is Vegetable Development Scheme, in which the Bihar government has said that any farmer who cultivates vegetables will get a grant of 75% from the Bihar government. Now, after providing the facility of grant, the attraction of farmers towards vegetable production has started increasing in the state of Bihar and people have started moving towards work in this field. For example, let us assume that the cost of any crop is ₹ 10, out of which 7.5 rupees will be provided as subsidy by the Bihar government.

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In Bihar Vegetable Development Scheme Vegetables included in production

Details related to vegetables have also been given by the Bihar government, that the subsidy amount will be received only on those vegetables which will be provided by them and the vegetables which have been told by the Bihar government to be produced only. The names of those vegetables are as follows, if seen, Bihar government has mainly encouraged the production of high priced vegetables which include broccoli collar capsicum, seedless brinjal, and seedless cucumber, Ravi season Bandha. Also, cauliflower, chilli and summer season vegetables, potato, brinjal, onion gourd etc., all these vegetables will be produced by the farmers and only then they will get benefits from the Bihar government.

Where is Bihar Vegetable Development Scheme? Will apply

Under this scheme, there is very good News for the farmers of some districts of Bihar, those districts are Patna, Magadh and Tirhut. There, facilities will be provided for vegetable production under this scheme. Farmers can get Bichhra Center Excellence Nalanda from State Seed Corporation Patna. And it has also been told that the state government will provide financial assistance of minimum ₹ 1000 and maximum ₹ 10,000 to the farmers.

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Chief Minister Block Transport Scheme Bihar

Bihar Objectives of Vegetable Development Scheme

  • This scheme has been started to increase the vegetable related production capacity.
  • The aim is to reduce the inclination of farmers towards traditional farming and attract them towards vegetable farming.
  • Farmers may see an increase in income from vegetable production.
  • The main objective of this scheme is that the economic crisis is being seen in Bihar, through this the economic crisis can be reduced.
  • And the development of farmer brothers can be seen because they can reduce the income related shortfall under this scheme.

Bihar Features and benefits of Vegetable Development Scheme

  • Under the Vegetable Development Scheme, the number of farmers who have to come to other states to earn money may be less. Earlier, there were no means of earning there, but now the Bihar government is motivating them to work by providing them relaxations.
  • This will definitely benefit the farmer brothers as they will not have to spend much money in the cost. The entire burden will be taken upon by the Bihar government.
  • Due to this, there can be an increase in the income of the farmers because now their inclination will be towards growing vegetables instead of paddy and wheat.
  • If seen, if vegetables are produced by Bihar farmers, then this vegetable business will prove to be very profitable for them.
  • This scheme has been released by the Government of Bihar. The benefit of the scheme will be available in the same area in which the Bihar government has asked to produce vegetables.
  • In the coming time, the plan of Bihar government may prove to be effective due to which there may be increase in the revenue of Bihar government and there may also be a reduction in poverty there.

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Bihar Eligibility for Vegetable Development Scheme

  • He should be a native of Bihar.
  • He should also have minimum 0.2 and maximum 2.6 acres of land under cultivation.
  • One must also be a permanent resident of the district in which the scheme has been decided by the Bihar Government.
  • Both ryot and non-ryot people can avail the benefit of this scheme.

Bihar Documents of vegetable development scheme

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • voter came
  • Ration card
  • Address proof
  • bank passbook
  • An agreement will have to be made for non-residents.
  • photos

Bihar Chief Minister Housing Scheme

Bihar vegetable development scheme online Application

  • First of all you have to go to their official website and click there.
  • As soon as you open the website, a home page will open in front of you, information related to this scheme will be written there, you have to click there.
  • After clicking, the relevant information asked for has to be filled carefully.
  • After filling it carefully, all the required documents have to be attached and then the form has to be checked.
  • Then you will receive a number, the BT number, after filling that number, you have to submit it.
  • Once submitted, your application process is complete.


Q: What is Vegetable Development Scheme?

Ans: This scheme has been started to increase the production of vegetables.

Q: In which state was the Vegetable Development Scheme started?

Ans: In some districts of Bihar state.

Q: What percentage of grant will the government give under the Vegetable Development Scheme?

Ans: Will give 75 percent grant

Q: How much land is required to avail benefits under Vegetable Development Scheme?

Ans: Minimum 0.2 acre land.

Q: Under the Vegetable Development Scheme, which type of vegetable is the Bihar government encouraging for production?

Ans: Which vegetable will provide more benefits. Are encouraging their production.

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Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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