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Uttar Pradesh Goat Farming Scheme 2024: Government gives 90% subsidy (UP Bakari Palan Yojana in Hindi)

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Uttar Pradesh Goat Rearing Scheme 2024, what is it?, Benefit, beneficiary, Subsidy, Loan, Eligibility, Documents, official website, Online Application, Registration Form, helpline number, latest News, status, Last date (UP Bakari Palan Yojana in Hindi,what is it, Benefits, Beneficiary, Subsidy, loan, Eligibility, Documents, Official Website, Apply Online, Registration Form, Helpline Number, Status, Last Date, Latest News,

Both the Center and the State keep implementing new schemes for their citizens and their development. One of which has been implemented by the Uttar Pradesh government, through which you will be provided some amount by the government for sheep rearing so that you can easily do the sheep rearing work. If seen, the Uttar Pradesh government is implementing many schemes in its state, due to which along with the development of the state, the income of the citizens is also increasing. This scheme is also related to the farmers of the state, through this every effort was made to double and triple their income. Let us describe in detail how you can apply. How can the beneficiary avail the benefits of this scheme? This scheme has been described in detail in our article. What are the documents required, what are the eligibility, you will get the complete process below.

North State Bakery Paalan Yojana 2024

name of the schemegoat rearing scheme
StateUttar Pradesh
who startedUttar Pradesh government
last date4 January 2024
ObjectiveTo overcome the shortcomings of wool, to provide facilities to the farmers.
priority to the beneficiaryLandless men, women, Covid affected citizens and widows
official websiteN/A
helpline numberN/A

Uttar Pradesh Private Tubewell Connection Scheme

What is Uttar Pradesh Goat Farming Scheme?

Under this scheme, goat rearing scheme has been implemented in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh government, where people are being encouraged to rear goats. So that they can be awakened to rearing goats. Earlier, people did not have the financial facility to rear goats, due to which people were not able to rear goats and at the same time they were not provided any kind of facility in this. But now you will be provided a lump sum amount by the government for goat or sheep rearing. Now recently, the Uttar Pradesh government has asked to provide many facilities to the animal farmers for goat rearing so that they can easily rear goats.

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Loan and subsidy in Uttar Pradesh Goat Farming Scheme

Under the Goat Rearing Scheme of Uttar Pradesh, the government will give bank loan to the animal farmers doing goat rearing business for 10 goats or female sheep and 1 goat or male sheep. Let us tell you that 90% subsidy will be given for this by the Uttar Pradesh government and 10% subsidy will have to be given by the farmer. If we talk about the total cost of goat rearing business, it will be Rs 66,000. Out of which farmers will have to pay only Rs 6600, the rest will be given by the government.

UP OTS Scheme

Uttar Pradesh Goat Rearing Scheme Objective

  • You must have seen that mostly goats are reared everywhere and other animals are also reared. But goats and sheep are not reared anywhere. Therefore, the Uttar Pradesh government has brought such a scheme for the people through which now people can easily rear goats and sheep by taking financial assistance from the government.
  • Due to shortage of sheep, the government has asked to provide financial assistance for the rearing of sheep. If seen, this could also be the objective of this scheme.
  • The main objective of this scheme is to double the income of farmers.
  • A lot of clothes are made from sheep's hair and they are also very expensive, hence under this scheme people are being encouraged to rear sheep.
  • Under this scheme, people can also be helped in employment so that employment can be increased.
  • If seen, sheep are mostly reared in hilly areas and their products are quite expensive. This scheme was implemented to reduce inflation.

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Benefits of goat rearing scheme and Properties

  • One benefit under the Goat Farming Scheme is that the hair from goats or sheep can be sold.
  • Sheep hair can be traded because there are many businesses that are related to sheep hair.
  • Goods made from sheep's hair may also see a decline in their value.
  • Under this scheme, sheep are also being reared because compared to other animals, they can eat many plants, hence no person will face any problem in rearing them. Causes less damage to crops.
  • And they are such that they do not destroy the crops of the farmers, just as goats destroy the trunk of any tree, they cause less damage to the crops.
  • If seen, in today's era, sheep are reared for wool and meat, due to which the citizens of Uttar Pradesh have been given the facility to rear them by taking advantage of this scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana

Uttar Pradesh Goat Farming Scheme Eligibility (Eligibility)

  • The beneficiary should be a resident of the district because only then the person can avail the benefits of this scheme because it is valid only for permanent residents.
  • If we talk about age then it should be 18 years or more.
  • If there is any landless man, woman, Covid affected citizen and widow etc. then he/she will be given priority.
  • It is very important for a goat or sheep farmer to have a place nearby.
  • An affidavit for 3 years related to goat or sheep rearing will have to be given.

Uttar Pradesh Goat Farming Scheme Documents

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Address proof
  • income certificate
  • sheep farming related training certificate
  • photos
  • bank passbook

UP Nandini Krishak Samriddhi Yojana

Last date of Uttar Pradesh Goat Farming Scheme

Regarding the last date of this scheme, it has been told that any beneficiary who wants to get benefits under this scheme should apply by January 4, 2024, otherwise they will not get the benefits after that. The last date to apply is 4 January 2024. This application is going to 2023 and 2024 beneficiaries.

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Uttar Pradesh Goat Farming Scheme application form

Get the application form of this scheme from the Chief Veterinary Office, Vikas Bhawan Ballia and the concerned development block veterinary hospital, fill it and submit it by January 6, 2024. If you want to get specific information related to this, you can go to the Chief Veterinary Office or the related office.

UP Chief Minister Farm Security Scheme

Application in Uttar Pradesh Goat Farming Scheme

  • To make applications related to sheep animal husbandry, you will have to resort to offline.
  • To get sheep rearing related facilities, you will have to go to the Chief Veterinary Office, Vikas Bhawan, Ballia.
  • After reaching there you will be provided information related to this.
  • If you find the information correct then you can take the application form from there, to avail the benefit of this facility, fill this application form carefully.
  • After filling, carefully attach whatever documents are asked for in it and check your form once. Is it filled properly or not?
  • After the form is checked, submit it to the officer or employee there. Now your application process is complete.
  • After submission, you can come from time to time and get information here. What is the status of our form?


Q: What are goat rearing schemes?

Ans: The Uttar Pradesh government is encouraging people to rear sheep and goats.

Q: In which district of Uttar Pradesh has Goat Rearing Scheme been launched?

Q: What should be the age of the person under Goat Farming Scheme?

Ans: 18 years or older

Q: When can I apply for Goat Rearing Scheme 2023 and 2024?

Ans: Till 4 January 2024.

Q: What training is required under Goat Farming Scheme?

Q: How many years of affidavit will be taken from people related to goat rearing scheme?

Ans: 3 years old.

Read more –

Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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