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Traffic New Rules 2024: Know what changes have been made in the old traffic rules?

Traffic rules are being violated every day, and due to which a large number of accidents are also seen on the road, to remove such shortcomings, the Central Government has passed a bill to change the traffic rules. Has been given. I have written this article to give information about the changes in traffic rules. So that you can know about these rules. If you are not aware of the new traffic rules, you may have to pay huge fines. Let us tell you about the changes in traffic rules through our article below.

Traffic New Rules 2024

Recently, there was a lot of discussion about making a new traffic rules and it was almost passed, for which a lot of protests took place. A law regarding new traffic rules has been passed by the Central Government in the winter session of the Parliament. . In this law it was said that if any person dies there, then according to this rule there is a provision of 10 years of imprisonment and fine, in the previous rule, there was a provision of only 2 years of imprisonment and fine. But according to the new rules this change was made here due to which many protests took place in the country. The name of the law which caused huge protests was the provision of fine of Rs 7 lakh and punishment as per the new traffic rules in hit and run case. To avoid this rule, the government also said that if an accident occurs, your punishment will be reduced if the injured are taken to the nearest police station or hospital.

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Aadhaar Card Apply New Rules

Vehicle rules in new traffic rules 2024

If seen, the Central Government has tried its best to implement new traffic rules in the Parliament to reduce the increase in road accidents in the country and if seen, the amount related to fine has also been increased in many states. are given, so that accidents are reduced.

  • If any driver violates the driving license rules, there is a provision of a fine of ₹ 1 lakh.
  • If any person drives at high speed then he may have to pay a fine of Rs 1000 to Rs 2000.
  • According to road safety rules, if a minor is caught driving a vehicle, he will be fined Rs 25,000 and the registration of his vehicle will be completely cancelled.
  • According to the new rules, if any person talks on mobile while driving, he will have to pay a fine.
  • If any person drives in the wrong direction or indulges in dangerous driving, he may still have to pay a heavy fine.

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two wheeler rules

  • It is mandatory for every person to wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler.
  • If someone is sitting behind a two-wheeler, he must also wear a helmet.
  • If anyone drives a two-wheeler wearing slippers, he may have to pay a fine.
  • Every two-wheeler rider must have his/her driving license. If not, heavy fines can be imposed.
  • You should also have a certificate of air pollution
  • Even if you drive a two-wheeler after drinking alcohol, you can be challaned.

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Ration Card New List

Fines in New Traffic Rules 2024

Crimefirst challan or fineChallan and fine after change
violation of red regulation rules100500
disobeying authority orders5002000
driving an unauthorized vehicle without a license10005000
driving despite disqualification50010000
driving without a license5005000
over sized vehicle5000
over speed vehicle4001000
dangerous driving10005000
drink driving200010000
racing and speed driving5005000
overloading2000 and 10000 per ton20000 and 2000 per ton
not wearing seat belt1001000
driving without a permit500010000
Violation of license condition25000 to 1 lakh rupees
overloading of passengers1000 per person
not wearing a helmet1001000 and license canceled for 3 months.
Do not give way to emergency vehicles10000
driving without insurance10002000

I have tried my best to explain through my article, what will be the new vehicle related rules and the penalties related to them.

I hope that you will be satisfied through our article, if any information is still missing or is not understood, then you can ask by commenting in our comment box. I apologize for the mistake.

I would also like to request you to share our article with your friends, relatives or other people who do not know about the traffic rules. It is very important for them to know about these new rules through your Facebook WhatsApp. . Make them also aware of these rules.


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