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Prithvi Vigyan Scheme 2024: New scheme launched with a budget of Rs 4797 crore (PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme 2024)

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Earth Science Plan 2024: Budget, what is the plan, when will it start, Benefit, beneficiary, Application, Eligibility, Document, official website, helpline number, latest News, status (PRITHvi VIGyan Scheme 2024) (what is it, budget, Benefit, Beneficiary, Eligibility, Documents, Official Website, Helpline Number, Latest News, Status,

Earth Science Scheme is a scheme started by the Central Government, which has been started because recently many disasters related to Climate Change have come to light, to understand those disasters and to make people aware before they occur. This scheme has been approved for. Under the Earth Science Scheme, you all know that all the movements that take place in our earth will be studied in detail. And every effort will be made to tell about whatever is happening. Here, earthquakes, climate change and other things that happen will be studied. This scheme has been started by the Government of India, and the budget for it has also been approved.

PRITHvi VIgyan Scheme 2024

name of the schemeearth science plan
who startedGovernment of India
when was it startedyear 2024
BenefitWork will be done to save the country from disasters
official websitesoon
helpline numbersoon

PM Vishwakarma Yojana

what is earth science plan

The main objective of issuing this scheme is to work in the areas of Climate Change, Oceanography, Polar Science and Seismology, and it is also told that, with the observations of cryosphere and solid earth, there is solution in the earth. It has also been designed to study operation and maintenance. Under this scheme, scientists of the country will work to understand the Earth so that they can make predictions about the Earth in advance so that people will be informed about the upcoming disasters. From the name of this scheme itself you would have come to know that all the things related to the earth will be studied and by making good use of technology, we will try our best to study about the opportunities available inside the sea. An attempt will be made to convey the knowledge gained about the Earth system by using technology.

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budget of earth science scheme

The budget of the Earth Science Scheme has recently been approved and passed by the Union Cabinet, a budget of Rs 4797 crore has been kept for the study of Earth Science, under this, the Earth system and the changes taking place in it as well as important signals. Will be told about. When significant success is achieved in this area, it is possible that the budget can be increased in future.

Pradhan Mantri Saubhagya Yojana

Five aspects of earth science planning

Under this plan, it is stated that to improve the understanding of Earth System Science and to provide reliable service to the country, all the five components of the Earth System are to be holistically included as these components of the Earth are one. They are dependent on each other, hence every effort will be made to study them while staying at one place.

  • Atmosphere and Climate Research Modeling Observing System.
  • Ocean Services Modeling Application Resources and Technology.
  • Polar Science and Research Cryosphere Research.
  • Seismology and Geoscience.
  • Research, Education, Training and Outreach.

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Objectives of Earth Science Planning

  • The main objective of this scheme is to obtain complete information about the Earth.
  • The main objective of starting this scheme is to get information in advance about what is happening in the earth.
  • Information related to earthquake and flood can also be easily obtained.
  • This scheme has also been started to make people aware about the knowledge related to the earth system.
  • This is also the main objective of this scheme, under which resources can be easily discovered in the sea.

Child Life Insurance Scheme

Features and benefits of Prithvi Vigyan Yojana

  • In Earth Sciences, huge amounts of budget have been released to study the Earth.
  • Here the entire Earth will be studied simultaneously by many scientists.
  • The Earth is being studied simultaneously because the aspects of the Earth are dependent on each other. Therefore, it has been done to bring together under this scheme.
  • Here various regions of the earth will also be studied.
  • Scientists also have to study about earthquakes and make people aware about it.
  • Recently it was revealed that due to climate change many glaciers have started melting, the responsibility of studying it has been given to them.
  • They will also try their best to make people aware about other physical disasters.

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Q: What is Earth Science?

Answer: study of the entire earth

Q: How much budget has been passed for Earth Sciences?

Answer: 4797 crores.

Q: Who has released the Earth Science Scheme?

Answer: By the Union Cabinet.

Q: How will the study be conducted under the Earth Science Scheme?

Answer: Under the Earth Science Scheme, the entire earth like earth system, ocean, sphere etc. will be studied at one place.

Q: How to get the benefits of Prithvi Vigyan Yojana?

Answer: There is no need for any application for this, it is like a development plan.


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Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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