महाराष्ट्र लेक लाडकी योजना 2023: बेटियों को मिलेंगे 75000 Benefit, (Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana online apply 2023)

What is Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana, Eligibility, Documents, Registration, Beneficiary, Online Apply, Official Website, Helpline Number (Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana 2023 in Marathi) (Eligibility, Documents, Registration, Online Apply, Official Website, Helpline Number, Beneficiary in Hindi)

A new scheme has been announced in the recently presented budget by the Maharashtra government. The name of this new scheme is Maharashtra Lake Ladki Yojana, under which the girls there will be provided financial assistance for education. For this, girls from poor families of Maharashtra will be made a part. This is because many girls are not able to complete their studies due to financial constraints, due to which they do not get employment anywhere. With the launch of this scheme, she will now be able to continue her further studies. For this he will receive financial assistance of Rs 75000. What other benefits will there be in this scheme? This information will also be given to you in this.

Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana (Maharashtra Lek Ladki Yojana 2023)

name of the schemeMaharashtra Lake Ladki Scheme
started by whomby Maharashtra Government
when did it startMaharashtra Budget 2023-24
beneficiarypoor girls of maharashtra
Objectiveeducating girls
ApplicationOnline Application
helpline numbernot released

The government is giving Rs 1000 every month to daughters and women, if you also want to get it, then register yourself in Ladli Brahmin Yojana.

Objective of Lek Ladki Yojana

The Maharashtra government has started this scheme so that the poor girls there can continue their studies. Along with this, there should not be any kind of burden on his family. Because there are many families whose income is low. Due to which they are unable to educate their daughters. For this reason their girls remain uneducated. After this they do not get any work. Keeping all these things in mind, the government has decided to start this scheme so that all the girls of the state can be educated.

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To provide financial help to pregnant women, the government is providing Rs 4,000, to avail this benefit they will have to apply under Jeevan Janani Yojana.

Benefits of Lake Ladki Scheme And Properties (Benefit and Features

  • This scheme has been started by the Maharashtra government, so the girls there will be provided its benefits.
  • In Maharashtra Lake Ladki Yojana, different amounts have been fixed by the government, according to which the benefit will be received.
  • If you want to avail the benefits of this scheme, then you will have to apply for it by visiting the official website.
  • In this, the provision of providing benefits to the girls will be made from the poverty line or below category.
  • Under this scheme, the family will be provided financial assistance of Rs 5,000 on the birth of a girl child.
  • When your girl reaches first class in school, she will be provided financial assistance of Rs. 4 thousand.
  • Under this scheme, when the girl child is in sixth class, she will be provided assistance of Rs. 6 thousand.
  • After this, when the girl will be in 11th class, she will be provided financial assistance of Rs 8 thousand from the government.
  • Apart from this, after your daughter turns 18, the remaining financial assistance of about Rs 50 to 52 thousand will be given by the government for her further studies.

Mahila Samarthi Yojana is being run to increase the empowerment of women and help them start self-employment, apply like this to avail the benefits of this government scheme.

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Eligibility in Lake Ladki Scheme (Eligibility)

  • For this scheme it is mandatory for you to be a native of Maharashtra. Only then will you get eligibility for this.
  • It is mandatory for any applicant applying for this scheme to have education related documents.
  • For Maharashtra Lake Ladki Yojana, you will also have to provide information about your family’s income, only then you will be eligible for it.

In Lake Ladki Scheme Document (Documents)

  • It is mandatory to have Aadhar card for Maharashtra Lake Ladki Yojana, so that the correct information of the applicant is stored with the government.
  • Birth certificate also has to be given, through this the government can easily get the correct information about your birth.
  • You also have to enter information related to education, through this you will be given benefits on the basis of education.
  • Domicile certificate is also necessary, this proves that you are a resident of Maharashtra. The government will be aware of this.
  • You will also have to give income certificate, through this the information about your family’s annual income will be recorded with the government.
  • Passport size photograph is also necessary, this will make it much easier to identify the applicant.
  • You will also have to provide your mobile number, so that you can easily get the correct information about the scheme.

In this year’s budget, the government has started Mahila Samman Bachat Patra Yojana to provide benefit of Rs 2 lakh to women, know how they are getting the benefits of this scheme.

Official Website of Lake Ladki Scheme

How to apply for this scheme, you have to go to the official website. This information can be obtained only by visiting the official website. For which it will take some time. You will be informed as soon as it is known.

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Online registration in Lake Ladki Scheme Registration)

What will be the application process of Maharashtra Lake Ladki Scheme? This information has not been given by the government yet. But this much information has been given that, whenever its official website will be released. By going there you will know how to apply. Can know about him. Along with this you can also get necessary information. Apart from this, you will receive the necessary information on time.

To help women earn money sitting at home, the government is giving free sewing machines through the Free Sewing Machine Scheme, this is how you can avail its benefits.

Lake Ladki Yojana Helpline Number Helpline Number)

No helpline number of any kind has been issued for Maharashtra Lake Ladki Scheme. You will be informed as soon as it is released. After which you will easily get all the information by calling.


Q: When was Maharashtra Lake Ladki Scheme announced?

Answer: Held during Maharashtra Budget 2023-24.

Q: What is Maharashtra Lake Ladki Scheme?

Answer: It is related to education, in which girls will get benefit in studies.

Q: How to get the benefit of Maharashtra Lake Ladki Scheme?

Ans: By applying online.

Q: How to apply for Maharashtra Lake Ladki Scheme?

Ans: Information about the application has not been given by the government at present.

Q: What is the official website of Maharashtra Lake Ladki Scheme?

Ans: The official website has not been released.

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Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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