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input output devices

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Nowadays, input and output devices play an inseparable role in the computer technology field. These devices play an important role in carrying data and information related to computers. Input devices provide information to the computer, while output devices receive information from the computer. In this article we will get detailed information about input and output devices and understand their importance.

Computer systems and their components

A computer is an electronic device designed to simplify human tasks by taking instructions from the user through input devices, processing them using processing units, and producing results using output devices. The main components of a computer are as follows.

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): It is the brain of the computer that processes data and performs specified tasks.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): It is extremely fast technical memory available in the computer for easy access of data and instructions.
  • Storage Device: These store data permanently, such as hard disk drives, solid state drives, and optical disk drives.
  • input device: These are used by users to enter data into the computer, such as keyboard, mouse, scanner, and microphone.
  • Output Device: These are used to display the results of computer processing, such as on monitors, printers, and speakers.
  • Software: Software is used to process data, applications, and tasks, and operates with computers. It is of two types: system software and application software.

computer input devices

An input device is a hardware device that takes instructions from the user and sends them to a processing unit such as a CPU. Input devices can take data from one device and transmit it to another device but cannot receive data. Following are some important input devices:


Keyboard is the most commonly used and widely used input device for entering data into a computer. Although there are some additional keys to perform other operations, the keyboard layout is similar to that of a normal typewriter.

Keyboards generally come in two sizes: 84 keys or 101/102 keys, but currently keyboards with 104 keys or 108 keys are also available for Windows and the Internet.

Types of keyboard keys

types of keys
of numericIt is used to enter numerical data or move the cursor. It usually has a set of 17 keys.
of typingThese keys include alphabet keys (A-Z) and number keys (09).
control keyThese keys control the pointer and the screen. There are four directional arrows on it. Home, End, Insert, Alternate (Alt), Delete, Control (Ctrl), etc. and Escape are all control keys (Esc).
special keyEnter, Shift, Caps Lock, NumLock, Tab, etc. and Print Screen are among the special function keys on the keyboard.
function keyThe 12 keys F1 to F12 are in the top row of the keyboard.

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A mouse is an input device used to direct the computer cursor. The most common pointing device is the mouse. The mouse is used to move the cursor on the screen while clicking and dragging. If you release the mouse the cursor will stop. A mouse is an input device that lets you move the mouse on a flat surface to control the coordinates and movement of the on-screen cursor/pointer.


A joystick is a pointing device used to move a cursor on a computer screen. The stick has a spherical ball attached to both its bottom and top ends. In the socket, the lower spherical ball slides. You can move the joystick in all four directions.

track ball

A track ball is an accessory for notebooks and laptops that acts as a mouse. Its structure is similar to that of a mouse. Its structure is like a half-rolled ball and we use fingers to move the cursor.

Touch Screen

It is a tool that serves as an interactive user interface, in which a situation is explained with virtual input from the user.

light pen

A light pen is a type of pointing device that looks like a pen. It can be used to select menu items or draw images on the monitor screen.


A scanner is an input device that functions similar to a photocopier. It is used when there is information on paper that needs to be transferred to the computer's hard disk to be modified later.

Optical Mark Reader (OMR)

Optical mark reader is a device generally used in educational institutions to check the answers of objective examinations. It recognizes the marks made by pencil and pen.

Optical Character Reader (OCR)

The full form of OCR is Optical Character Recognition and it is a device that reads printed text. OCR optically scans text, character by character converts it into machine-readable code, and saves it in system memory.

Magnetic Ink Card Reader (MICR)

It is an instrument commonly used in banks to clear checks given by the customer to the bank. It helps in reading the magnetic ink present in code number and check number. This process is much faster than any other process.

barcode reader

A bar code reader is a device that reads bar-coded data. Bar-coded data is commonly used to mark things, number books, etc. It may be part of a handheld scanner or a stationary scanner.


A webcam is an input device that facilitates inputting video and images into a computer. A webcam is a small digital video camera attached to a computer. It is also known as a webcam because it can take pictures and record videos.

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Digitizer is a device used to convert analog signals into digital signals. It converts signals into numerical values.


The microphone works as an input device that receives the input voice signal and converts it into digital form. A microphone is an input device that allows sound to be stored in a computer as audio files.

computer output devices

Output devices of a computer are those devices that are used to transmit the data and information processed by the computer to the user. These tools present information in different forms for the user to understand or use. Following are some important output devices:


Monitor is a major output device that displays computer information and data in visual form. It creates images by arranging tiny dots, known as pixels, in a rectangular pattern. The amount of pixels determines the sharpness of the image. The two types of viewing screens used for monitors are as follows.

  • cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitor
  • flat-panel display monitor


Printer is an output device that prints computer information on paper. Some special types of printers are described in the table below.

impact printer

In an impact printer, letters are printed on a ribbon and later impacted on the paper. Impact printer works at very low cost. Due to its low cost, it is extensively used for printing. In this printer there is physical contact with the paper to create the image.

Character Printers

Character printers can print only one character at a time. These two types are available in the market by the name of Dot Matrix Printer and Daisy Wheel.

line printers

Line printers are printers that have the ability to print one line at a time. These two types are available in the market by the name of drum printer and chain printer.

non-impact printer

In non-impact printers, letters are printed without ribbon. Because these printers print the entire page at one time, they are also called page printers.

laser printer

Laser printers use laser light to create dots that will generate characters on the page.

inkjet printer

Inkjet printers are printers that use spray technology for printing papers.


Speakers are used to listen to audio information, such as music, sound, and other multimedia content. Speakers are devices that produce sound after receiving commands from the computer. Nowadays, speakers like Bluetooth speakers also come with wireless technology.

digital projector

Projectors are optical devices that project images onto both static and moving screens. It helps in displaying images on a large screen. Projectors are commonly used in theatres, auditoriums etc.

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Plotter is a tool that helps in creating graphics or other drawings to give a real visual. A graphic card is essentially required to use these tools.

video card

A video card is a device that is fitted into the motherboard of a computer. This helps in enhancing the digital content in the output device. It is an important tool that helps people use multiple devices.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The Global Positioning System helps users refer to directions, as it uses satellite technology to track users' geometric locations. With continuous latitudinal and longitudinal calculations, GPS gives accurate results. Nowadays, all smart devices have inbuilt GPS.


Headphones are an output device used for audio signals to be heard, but only for the user. Headphones are just like a speaker, usually used by a single person or are a single-person useable device and are not typically used in large areas. These are also called low sound frequency headsets.

Some other input and output devices of the computer

There are many devices that have both input and output characteristics. They can perform both operations as well as receiving data and providing results. Some of them are mentioned below. Following are some other input and output devices of computer:

usb drive

USB drive is one of those devices that performs both input and output operations as USB drive helps in receiving data from one device and sending it to other devices.


Modem is one of the important devices that helps in transmitting data using telephonic lines.

CD and DVD

CD and DVD are the most common devices that help to save data from a computer in a specific format and send the data to other devices that act as input devices for the computer.

Comparison of input and output devices

The main purpose of input and output devices is different. Here is a comparison of input and output devices:

Input Device Vs Output Device
input deviceoutput device
The data is accepted by the user of the device.It shows the data to the user after processing.
It accepts user data and transmits it to the processor to save it in secondary memory or for processing.It receives data from the processor and returns it to the user.
more complex designingless complex designing
These devices are used to accept data.These devices are used to display or show data.
Example: keyboard, mouse, etc.Example: Monitor, Printer, etc.

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