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India's highest waterfall

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India's highest waterfall: There are hundreds of important waterfalls in India that you can visit. Tourists coming here get mesmerized by its charm at first sight. Situated amidst lush green vegetation, the tranquility of the surrounding area, the falling water of these waterfalls and the spectacular view of the stunning valleys are enough factors to attract the visitors. But do you know about the highest waterfall in India? If not, this essay will teach us about it.

What are waterfalls?

A waterfall is a spectacular natural phenomenon that occurs when a river or stream falls from a great height. Water from this spring flows to the surrounding areas, where the streams descend into deep ravines or excavations. Typically, waterfalls can be located in valleys, mountainous areas or near river dams. The heights of the falls vary; Some are small, only a few meters high, while other waterfalls can reach heights of thousands of feet. The natural quality and migration of a waterfall also affect its height. Seeing the waterfall is an unforgettable experience. The view of the streams falling down from the peaks is charming. They include the sound and feel of freshly fallen water, spray, rising, billowing clouds, slopes and views.

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How many types of waterfalls are there?

There are different types of highest waterfalls in India which can be classified with the help of their flow behaviour. We have provided you with different types of waterfalls and understand the different types of waterfalls.

Types of Waterfalls in India
Tier WaterfallsThese waterfalls have many drops in a staircase-like pattern. They are often formed when a river flows over a series of hard rock layers.
Block FallsThese are waterfalls where water falls vertically, creating a single, wide section of falling water. They are usually wide and have a lot of water flow.
Punchbowl FallsPunchbowl Waterfall has a concave shape that forms a circular pool at the bottom. They are formed when water falls into a depression or bowl-shaped area.
Cascade FallsA cascade waterfall consists of a series of steps or small drops that create a cascading effect. The water flows on several levels, creating a beautiful and picturesque view.
Plunge WaterfallsPlunge waterfalls are characterized by a vertical drop of water from a height. They are often formed when a river flows over a steep cliff or steep slope.
Horsetail FallsHorsetail Falls are characterized by a single, vertical drop of water that maintains contact with bedrock during its descent. They are often compared to a horse's tail.
Fan FallsFan waterfalls are characterized by a wide, spreading flow of water that forms a fan-like shape. They are formed when water flows over a wide area of ​​rock, gradually spreading as it falls.

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India's highest waterfall

The highest waterfall of India is Kunchikal Falls. Situated on the Varahi River in Shimoga district of Karnataka, it has a height of 455 metres. It is the second largest waterfall in Asia. Varahi river forms it. The surface water stream descending from the Tripura slope is called waterfall. The amazing Victoria Falls and the Niagara Falls are two of the most stunning waterfalls.

List of highest waterfalls of India

There are many waterfalls in India which are located at different places in the country. Here we have compiled a list of highest waterfalls in India which are found in different states of India. The list of 10 highest waterfalls of India is as follows.

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Highest waterfalls of India
names of waterfallsplaceHeight in meters (feet)
Kunchikal FallsShimoga district, Karnataka455 meters (1,493 ft)
Barehipani FallsMayurbhanj district, Orissa399 meters (1,309 ft)
Nohkalikai FallsEast Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya340 m (1115 ft)
Nohshangthiang FallsEast Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya315 meters (1,033 ft)
Dudhsagar FallsKarnataka and Goa310 meters (1017 ft)
Kynrem FallsEast Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya305 meters (1,001 ft)
Kallar Meenmutty WaterfallsWayanad district, Kerala300 meters (984 ft)
Thalaiyar WaterfallsBatalagundu, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu297 meters (974 ft)
Vajrai WaterfallsSatara district, Maharashtra260 meters (853 ft)

Thus, Kunchikal Falls It is the highest and most beautiful waterfall of India which provides a unique experience of natural beauty. Not only do tourists enjoy visiting it, they also experience natural peace and purity. By visiting this waterfall, we experience the natural balance and its uniqueness, which makes us understand the importance of nature.

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