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Hamari Dharohar Scheme 2023: Protection of culture of minorities (Hamari Dharohar Scheme in Hindi)

What is our heritage plan 2023?, Related Ministries, Benefits, beneficiary, eligibility, Objective, Online Application (Hamari Dharohar Scheme in Hindi,Our Heritage Scheme, Relative Ministry, Benefits, Beneficiary, Eligibility, objective, Apply Online,

Through its schemes, the Central Government keeps launching various schemes for the development of its people or people group and the country and similarly, it also implements various schemes from time to time for the development of the area of ​​its people group and to preserve their heritage. Keep doing it. Regarding the schemes, the Central Government has recently released a report about an important scheme ‘Hamari Dharohar’ and has told how important this scheme is for our Indian culture. By implementing similar schemes, the Government of India contributes fully to the development of the country. In this article of the schemes, you will get complete description about our heritage and you should keep reading the article written by us with pleasure and keep moving forward.

Hamari Dharohar Scheme 2023

name of the schemeour heritage plan
when did it startyear 2015
concerned ministryMinistry of Minority Affairs
ObjectivePreserving the heritage and cultures of minorities
official websitehttps://www.minorityaffairs.gov.in/
helpline numberN/A

mountain range plan

What is our heritage plan

Many schemes are launched by the Central Government, one of which is named Hamari Dharohar. This scheme was launched by the minority affairs ministry in 2015. The Government of India believes in unity in diversity, which is said to be the basic principle of our Indian culture. The Constitution of India has given full right to every group of communities in India to practice their religion and culture. That is why the Government of India has taken a good decision for the minorities to preserve their culture and heritage through this scheme i.e. Our Heritage, by the Ministry of the Central Government. There is always a lack of information among the minority communities of India, especially about the rich cultural heritage of Persians, Christians, Buddhists etc. Adequate information about the cultural heritage of these communities will lead to better understanding among the people. Due to their heritage, love begins to develop and social harmony becomes stronger, fights and quarrels reduce, relationships become stronger and trust among people also begins to awaken.

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Our Heritage Plan Objective

  • The main objective of this scheme is to provide protection to the heritage of Indian minority groups.
  • The earlier documents that have been prepared for the Indian minority group will also be preserved by them.
  • Along with this, it will be their job to provide support and promotion to calligraphy etc.
  • And to inform people about the heritage and culture of minorities and to develop them by doing research.
  • By providing protection under this scheme, religious heritage and culture will also be kept safe so that future people can know about them.

PM Vishwakarma Scheme

Features and Benefits of our Dharohar Scheme

  • The main feature of this scheme is that the old and famous areas related to the culture and heritage of minorities will be protected.
  • To tell people about the heritage of these minorities so that people get attracted towards them. And know about them. And the possibility of increasing tourism through these heritages will also increase.
  • When tourism starts increasing in our country, the economic condition of our country will start improving a little more.
  • Through this scheme, efforts will be made to make people aware about the hidden heritages of minorities which have not been revealed to the people.
  • If seen, this step by the Ministry will try to make the old sites shine completely and provide conservation.
  • The places which have not been noticed till now will also be developed. This scheme tells us about the development of those who belong to minorities.

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Our Heritage Scheme Related Ministries

The following partners can be included under Hamari Dharohar who will support its activities, Hamari Dharohar will start this scheme only in consultation with the Ministry of Culture with the help of Ministry of Minority Affairs, National and International partners. The following partners can be-

  • Archaeological Survey of India
  • National Museum Delhi
  • National Archives of India New Delhi
  • National Museum of Modern Art
  • Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts
  • Unesco
  • Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage
  • World Memorial Fund

Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana

What will be the form of assistance in our heritage scheme

  • This scheme is a central scheme and the Center will fully contribute to it.
  • Under this scheme, areas of importance for the conservation and promotion of minorities in all their forms requiring assistance to their heritage will be addressed and capital will be provided for improvement.

How will our heritage scheme funds be released?

Under this scheme, the fund has been divided into three installments. Through these three installments, the needy people will be provided assistance through capital by the Central Government.

first installment

In the first installment, 40% capital will be given for cultural heritage. And by using this installment in construction, it can then be taken by the construction group for the second installment.

second installment

The first installment will be scrutinized and after that the second installment of 40% will be given. And this 40% will be given when around 90% of the first installment is used at the work site, then the second installment will be given.

third installment

The third installment will be of 20%. When the work of these two installments is completed, then this installment will be provided by the government, which will be the last installment.

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PAO GREF Slip 2023

Our Heritage Scheme Online Application

  • When the Ministry of Minority Affairs will issue an advertisement, it will ask for the proposal in a required format, which you will have to submit on the official website.
  • The Ministry can directly fund these projects as well as submit them under guidelines to expert organizations that are known for their expertise in their respective disciplines.
  • The Ministry has the full right to cancel the selected place or the selected culture without any notice. The Ministry cannot be argued with.
  • The ministry may ask to verify the certificates or documents of the institutions through an authority agency.
  • The place where the PIA will be selected, the proposal will be considered with the approval of the competent authority i.e. Secretary (Minorities Affairs) and then further decision will be taken.


Today, through this scheme, we have tried to know many things, what this scheme can do for the minorities has also been told because under this scheme, now you have come to know through our article that here But the heritage, culture and places of the minorities and their documents will also be kept safe for the future and this scheme has been launched by the ministry of minority affairs and in this it is only about the minority communities. And only their heritage and culture has been talked about. Which will be fully supported by the Ministry to keep it safe.


Q: Hamari Dharohar has been launched by which ministry?

Answer: Ministry of Minority affairs

Q: Why has Hamari Dharohar been launched?

Answer: To preserve the heritage and heritage of minorities.

Q: When was our heritage scheme launched?

Q: Who comes under minority in our heritage scheme?

Answer: Persians, Christians, Buddhists etc.

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Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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