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Famous musical instruments and their players

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Famous musical instruments and their instruments: Musical instruments are an important part of music, in which the soul of music is expressed by different types of musicians and players. The beauty of these musical instruments, their sound, and the art of their players have attracted the rich music world. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the major musical instruments and their prominent players, who hold a unique place in this modern era of music.

What are musical instruments?

Musical instrument means a special playable instrument. This word originates from Vadya metal. The one who speaks is the instrument itself. While playing musical instruments, we seem to be speaking sounds and words. There are three synonyms for the word Vadya or instrument – ​​Vadya, Vaditra and Atodh. Among Vadya and Vaditra, more Sushir instruments are considered and under Atodh, those instruments are those which are played by beating.

types of musical instruments

The music of India is enriched with various instruments. Descriptions of some of the different types of musical instruments are given here.

types of musical instruments
wind instrumentspercussion instrumentsstringed instrument
the clarinetdrumSitar
harmonicaxylophonestringed instrument
the pianopakhawajSurbahar

1. Sarangi- Kalpak is a popular musical instrument used in music along with singing and dancing. It has four main strings and 11 secondary strings for echo. It is played with Gaja.

2.Sarod- This instrument is a well-known instrument among tantra instruments. It is considered to be an Apabhramsh of Shardiya Veena. It is made of wood. In which the upper side is covered with leather.

3. Saraswati Veena or Tanjeer Veena- Saraswati Veena or Tanjiri Veena has a prominent place among the musical instruments. This veena is also mentioned in texts like “Sangeet Makarand”, “Abhinav Bharati”.

4. Surbeen- A wooden block is used to play it. Some players also use glass balls or pieces of bamboo to produce notes by pressing the strings.

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5. Tanpura- It is played to accompany singing and playing. It has four strings, which the singers tune into Pa Sa Sa Sa or Ma Sa Sa Sa according to the raga.

6. Israj- Israj is, in a way, a variation of the sitar. This instrument is used to accompany singing. It is also known as Dilruba. It has the same frets as a sitar. Israj players place it on their left shoulder and place its lower end in their lap and press it with the fingers of their hand to produce notes. And sound is produced by rubbing the strings with a yardstick held in the right hand. This instrument has a rod which is connected to the trumpet and curtains of different notes are tied on the rod itself.

7. Ruddha Veena- It is also known as Veena. This veena has two trumpets which are attached at both the ends of the stick. To play it, the Ruddha Veena player places the left trumpet on his left shoulder and the right trumpet on his right side and produces notes by pressing the strings above the stick with the little finger of his right hand. Another type of this veena, “Vichitra Veena”, is also popular in North Indian music.

8. Tundki or Turutari- It is a two-handed musical instrument. It is played in pairs.

9. Horn- As its name suggests, it is made from buffalo horn. It is eight fingers long and its sound is serious. It is known by different names in different regions. Like Bhils call it Singa.

10. Conch- It does not give rise to seven notes, but it was used to announce the battle tone in war and to announce the end of the war. Even today, conch is used in religious activities and in all types of auspicious activities.

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11. Nagaswar- It is played in temples on auspicious occasions like weddings, processions etc. and in religious functions. This musical instrument is very similar to the Shehnai instrument popular in North India, but in size it is twice as long as the Shehnai.

12. Mukh Veena- This is Chhota Nagaswar. It is used in drama but nowadays its playing has become less popular and its place has been taken by clarinet.

13. Shehnai- It is used on auspicious occasions like marriage etc. The propagation of this musical instrument is found from AD 16. Classical music is played effectively on this instrument.

14. Hawthorn- As the name suggests, its shape is similar to the hood of a snake. This musical instrument is very similar to the musical instrument named Ranasinga or Narsinga.

15. Algoza- It is an instrument played in pairs. It is made of bamboo which has 3 to 4 holes. Due to playing in pair, the sound appears very melodious.

16. Trumpet- It is a one hand long musical instrument made of metal. It is used on auspicious occasions. There are no holes in it. Sounds are produced by simply blowing air and applying different pressures. Therefore, it is not possible for more than 2 or 3 notes to fluctuate. Its sound is sharp.

17. Bean- This musical instrument is made of trumpet and wood. There are two bamboo tubes on one side of the trumpet. 3-4 holes are made in these and the other end of the trumpet is connected to a wooden pole. This musical instrument is played by blowing from one end of this tube.

18. Nada- To sing the praises of Bhairav, the musical instrument which the Bhopal people play by blowing like a bagpipe is called Nad.

19. Hour- It is a musical instrument made of brass with a diameter ranging from 4 cm to 12 cm. It is played by hanging it from a string and striking it with a metal or wooden hammer. It is used on the occasion of worship in temples.

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20. Khadtal- It consists of 11 finger long sections made of wood, in between the sections of which round metal leaves are placed. It is played along with kirtan in temples.

21. Manjira- These are spheres made of brass etc. with diameter ranging from three inches to 12 and 16 inches. These occur in pairs. Sound is produced by colliding them with each other. It is often used in temples on the occasion of praising Gods and Goddesses.

List of important musical instruments and their players

Here is a list of some major musical instruments and their players:

Musical instruments and their players
instrumentplayer Name of
SantoorPandit Shiv Kumar Sharma, Bhajan Sopori
FluteHari Prasad Chaurasia, Pannalal Ghosh
TablaZakir Hussain, Allah Rakha, Sabir Khan, Pt. Kishan Maharaj, Pt. Gyan Prakash Ghosh
SarodAlauddin Khan, Ali Akbar Khan, Amjad Ali Khan, Buddhadev Das Gupta
the clarinetBismillah Khan, Krishna Ram Choudhary, Ali Ahmed Hussain
SitarPandit Ravi Shankar, Shahid Parvez Khan, Budhaditya Mukherjee, Anushka Shankar
stringed instrumentShakur Khan, Pandit Ram Narayan, Ramesh Mishra, Sultan Khan
VeenaZia Mohiuddin Dagar, Ayyagari Syamsundaram, Doraiswami Iyengar
Rudra VeenaAsad Ali Khan
mohan veenaPt. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Inventor of Mohan Veena)
violinMs. Gopalakrishnan, Mrs. M. Rajam, N.R. Muraleedharan, M. Chandrasekaran, V.G. Jog, Lalgudi Jayaraman
GhatamT.H.Vinayakram, E.M.Subramaniam
mridangamKV Prasad, SV Raja Rao, Umalayapuram Sivaraman
mandolinU Srinivas
PakhwajTotaram Sharma
SurbaharAnnapurna Devi
guitarBraj Bhushan Kabra
Singer (Karnataka Music)Radhakrishna, S. Srinivasa Iyer, M.S. Subbulakshmi, M. Balamuralikrishna, D.K. Pattammal, Ramanuja Iyengar Ariyakudi, S. Pinakapani.
Singer (Hindustani Music)Kumar Gandharva, Mallikarjun Mansoor, Bhimarayappa, Bhimsen Joshi, Pandit Jasraj, Gangubai Hangal, Kishori Amonkar, Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Rahim Fahimuddin Dagar, Chhannu Lal Mishra, Ramakant Gundecha, Umakant Gundecha, Rajan and Sajan Mishra.

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