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Your Government, Your Door program Jharkhand started from 24th November, know how long it will run and what are the benefits.

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Jharkhand, which was earlier the southern part of Bihar, was separated in 2000 and formed a new state named Jharkhand, which is huge like a huge tree. Our state Jharkhand is on the way to development due to the implementation of its plans. Currently, during the reign of our Chief Minister Shri Hemant Soran ji, many good schemes have been implemented and one of them is the ‘Aapki Yojana, Aapki Sarkar Aapke Dwar’ programme. Through this scheme, the details of the people who are getting the benefits of the schemes are also kept with the government through this scheme and every effort is made to get the schemes for the people who are not able to get the benefits of the schemes under this scheme. Are. Jharkhand Government’s scheme is an old scheme but the government has seen a lot of success through this scheme. The government is trying to implement this scheme again in those areas where people did not get the benefits.

Your plan, your government, your door. 2023

name of the schemeYour plan, your government, program at your door
who startedChief Minister Shri Hemant Soren ji
starting dateyear 2021

Your plan, your government, program started at your doorstep

Recently this scheme has become a topic of discussion because this scheme will again be implemented in the Panchayats through camps and the shortcomings will be resolved. Your Plan Your Government Your Door program was started on 15 November 2021. This date was also chosen because on this date Jharkhand was separated from Bihar and on this day also happens to be the birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda. On behalf of Jharkhand Government It has been announced that this scheme will once again start from 24th November and will continue till 26th December 2023. This program will be started in all the Panchayats of Jharkhand which will find out the reasons for the underprivileged class through camps and provide them with the schemes. How to get the benefits of the scheme, hence the government has tightened the rules and the people who have not yet been able to avail the benefits under the scheme can get information related to the scheme and any kind of information related to the scheme from the camps. .

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Camps will be organized in 4351 panchayats and 50 wards of the state.

The program of this scheme is being started at Panchayat level from Gopaldih located in Barhet of Sahebganj from 24 November 2023. If seen, this scheme of Jharkhand government will prove to be very beneficial for the public because the government will be able to interact with the public, which means they will be able to work together and the camps that will be organized under this scheme will be seen here as to where and who will get the benefit of the scheme. Camps have been set up to deliver the schemes to those people who are not able to get the schemes or are not able to reach them and these camps will be organized in 4351 Panchayats till 26th December and will solve the problem.

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objective of the plan

  • Under this scheme, officials will have to organize camps in every Panchayat and will meet people and get information about whether they are getting the benefits of the schemes or not.
  • They will also be able to get information about poor and tribal people and will be able to explain the schemes easily.
  • With the existence of this scheme, we will be able to meet every section of Jharkhand and find out about their reasons. What kind of problems are coming up?

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Benefits and features of the scheme

  • Under this scheme, students will be given cash prizes along with bicycles.
  • Welfare platforms will also be created in each of the camps, through which benefits and assets related to the schemes will be distributed to the beneficiaries in the camps, which will benefit the public from these camps.
  • To issue caste certificates to children, caste certificates will be laminated and provided in the camps.
  • I-cards, dhoti, clothes and blankets etc. will also be distributed among the self-help group cluster groups.
  • Benefits of new and old schemes can also be availed through these camps.
  • Applications can also be taken for some schemes, the solution of which will be received within a week.


Jharkhand government has once again asked to organize camps in Panchayats to provide benefits to the needy under this scheme and it has also been told that the people who have been deprived of the benefits of any scheme should come to these camps. Can get benefits.

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Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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