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Aadhar Card Apply New Rules 2024: Big change in the rules of application, now Aadhar card will not be made without verification.

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A News related to Aadhaar card has come out, the News is as follows, new rules related to making Aadhaar have been implemented. Now whoever makes Aadhar card will have to follow the new rules. This step has been taken by the Government of India, because as the use of Aadhaar card is increasing in our country, its rules are also becoming stricter. Now, under the new Aadhaar card, you can make it only after verification is done first. These new rules are being made, new rules are being implemented so that the general public can be provided security related to Aadhaar card.

Aadhar Card Apply New Rules 2024

You all know that in our country Aadhaar card has started being used in almost all areas, out of which the most important area is the one through which money is withdrawn, keeping this security in mind, Aadhaar card is being used in all areas. New rules have also been made for card application, under those new rules you applicants can apply only if you follow these rules. If you are 18 years old. After that, if you make Aadhar card, your physical verification will take place. Then after that you can apply. Physical verification means getting details about the person who is getting the Aadhaar card made.

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How to check bank balance with Aadhar card

Verification of Aadhaar card will be done by the state and not by UIDAI.

Let us also tell you that the verification that will be done for the Aadhaar card of people above 18 years of age will not be done by UIDAI but will be done by the state from which they belong. Now Aadhar card will be made in the same way as passport is made, verification is done before making passport, similarly your verification will be done before making Aadhar card also. Then you will be eligible to apply for Aadhar Card.

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physical verification Aadhaar card will be made after

Physical verification will be done by the state government and all the documents provided by the applicant will be completely checked. If all the documents given are found to be correct, only then will their Aadhar card be issued. This work will be done under SDM. 180 days time has been taken for these works. The physical verification for Aadhaar card which will be done within 180 days is only for new Aadhaar card applicants.

child aadhaar card

Rules will not apply to old Aadhar card

It is stated that the rules which have been made now will not be applicable to the old Aadhaar cards which have been made earlier. For example, let us assume that if the name, address, mobile number etc. of any Aadhaar person is wrong and he wants to get it corrected, then such rules will not apply to him.

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Note: Please Check all the Relevant Deatails Regarding this Scheme on the Official Website of this Scheme.

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